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Better Nutritional Habits equal A Better Nation and Healthy Living

Posted by Ms Veronica Johnson on June 3, 2013 at 2:30 PM Comments comments (0)


God FIRST COVENANT in Genesis made with Noah

Suggests that God wasn't happy with human flesh.

Genesis 6:12 all flesh was corrupt. As result God destroyed the world and made a covenant with Noah. Meaning of corrupt; crooked and lacking of substitutions. When the body lack Nutritional Protiens it than have Dietary Deficiencys over time. Health Diseases and Cancers is the result of the Dietary Deficiencys. By following the "Daily Nutrition Guide" it will help practice good eating habits. So, the body can fight off disease and cancer that take over. Than, you can live longer and have a more active life style. Most people today don't eat healthy. However, the body require these protiens to function properly. God is present in the Nutrition from Fruits, Vegetables, and Vitamins. Because he is the god of the living not the dead. This is the natural way the body can fight off unhealthly corruption that form. Doctors can only do so much. Although Matthew 7:15-20 do say you can tell a good prophet by his fruits. We have a fruitless nation because their are no righteous areas in the world today. We as humans need to value living a better quality of life for the future of kids, teens, and elderly. Isaiah 32:16 say judgment takes place in the wilderness and righteousness remain in the fruit fields. Meaning we need the fruit fields to be able to judge. John 12:25 say he who loveth his life will lose it, and he who hateth his life can keep it in eternity. Most people hate their life. However, nutrition we get from Fruits, Vegetables, and Vitamins is the natural way we can become incorruptible. You might never be able to eat health. Vitamins are affective aswell and been around since 1930s. The DNA vitamins: A Carotenoids-Beta-Carotene,B3 Niacin,B9 Folic Acid,B12 Cobalamin, D,and E are the most affective. DNA and RNA vitamins repair bad cell damage that take place during the form of are Dietary Deficiencys. Some Dietary Supplements have these vitamins in them. Matthew 10:8 and Matthew 11:5 Jesus last request before he died was heal the sick, cause the blind to see, and help the lame to walk again. That is what he want us all to do, and why we all are called to be prophets. Their is other good vitamins on the market. And it is best to take the "Daily Recommended Dosage" of any vitamin supplements; found on the back of the label. For Healthy Living and Better Nutritional Habits infomation go to the "Center for Disease Control" Government website. http// or http//

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